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Cognitive Function Testing: What is it?

It’s important that cognitive function tests be used responsibly, regardless of the context, and in conjunction with other tools. Like a writing exercise, or a general aptitude test, these can provide additional data points that help with hiring decisions, or in ensuring job fit. But cognitive function testing should never be the sole factor in a selection process.

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guiding clients to create business strategy

Onboarding new clients starts with these 5 easy steps.

8 min read

Client onboarding is a formative period in any consulting engagement. As you align on everything from workflow tools to project deliverables, the first 30 days leaves an indelible impression. The more you do to make a positive impact, the higher the likelihood you’ll enjoy a healthy, long-term working relationship.

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360 evaluations

How to give feedback that actually helps people grow and improve

7 min read

Looking to improve your feedback form as a manager? Consider these five techniques designed to help people actually learn and grow from evaluations.

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Dysfunctional teams: The 5 characteristics

7 min read

Dysfunctional teams can cripple an organization. To prevent dysfunction in teams, you need an understanding of the “where” and the “why,” in addition to the more obvious “who.” 

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Understanding your Predictive Index score

9 min read

A lot goes into the PI Behavioral and Cognitive Assessments. Learn what makes for a “good” set of Predictive Index scores.

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23 questions to ask on your employee engagement survey

The best employee engagement software for 2021

16 min read

Discover the top 15 employee engagement software platforms to measure employee sentiment, increase engagement, and reduce turnover.

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Dream Teams interview: Kirk Arnold, Board Member at Ingersoll Rand

9 min read

What makes a successful business? I sat down with three-time CEO Kirk Arnold to discuss the biggest competitive advantage out there: talent.

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Frontline employee customer service rep

How to handle your customer success team’s hybrid work challenges

11 min read

As businesses have moved to remote and hybrid operations, one nagging problem persists: How do companies navigate the inevitable customer success team challenges?

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Who’s coming back to the office?

5 min read

Who’s coming back to the office? The answer to this question is crucial to making the most of a hybrid world. Here’s why.

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sales leader

A fail-proof process for hiring salespeople

10 min read

Hiring good people is tricky. Hiring good salespeople is even trickier. That’s because sales professionals spend the day being interviewed by prospects and customers. Sales reps are professionally trained interviewers. They know what to say and how to say it to capture your attention.  After interviewing over 3,000 sales professionals for a variety of roles,…

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liminate gender bias in your hiring the predictive index

How to conduct a one-on-one interview: Advantages, questions to ask, and traits to look for

6 min read

When it comes time for the one-one-one interview, you’ll want to narrow your focus with the interviewee. That means knowing what behavioral traits you’re looking for in the role, what questions to prioritize, and how to read the body language of the job seeker.

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Post-pandemic team effectiveness starts with self-aware leadership.

4 min read

Wondering how best to navigate today’s hybrid work environment? Here are three ways to get in tune with yourself and those you lead.

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