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A group of people collaborating to discover their business team type.

What are the most common business team types?

9 min read

Business teams are essential to the modern workplace. Learn about the different types of business teams and how they can help your business.

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A recruiter interviews a candidate during the candidate selection process.

Candidate selection: Improve hiring with 9 steps

8 min read

Looking to fill an open position? By following our 9 steps, you can improve your candidate selection process and find the perfect employee.

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Two coworkers practicing their soft skills

How to improve your soft skills

7 min read

Employers consider soft skills one of a candidate’s most valuable assets. Learn what they are and how to improve them, using four easy steps.

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How to create the ideal candidate profile

5 min read

Not finding the kind of candidates you’re looking for? You might need a candidate profile to boost your hiring. A candidate profile is a description of the skills, personality traits, and qualifications required for an open job position. Candidate profiles also include the tasks, objectives, and desired outcomes associated with the job. Here’s what we’ll…

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Cognitive function testing: What is it?

7 min read

It’s important that cognitive function tests be used responsibly, regardless of the context, and in conjunction with other tools. Like a writing exercise, or a general aptitude test, these can provide additional data points that help with hiring decisions, or in ensuring job fit. But cognitive function testing should never be the sole factor in a selection process.

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