people in class

How to effectively identify and overcome resistance to change

12 min read

Why is resistance to change so persistent? The simple answer may just be that people want stability. They want to be able to predict what will happen to them instead of being confronted with the unknown.

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PI office conference table

Change management process: Best practices for planning and execution

15 min read

A change management process refers to any system or framework a business or organization puts in place in order to help them design, build, implement, and manage change strategies.

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A team of four people sits around a table and creates a talent management strategy

How to develop an effective change management plan

7 min read

Creating and implementing a change management plan helps organize the transition to a proposed change, improves buy-in, and builds trust among team members.

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Frontline employee customer service rep

How to handle your customer success team’s hybrid work challenges

12 min read

As businesses have moved to remote and hybrid operations, one nagging problem persists: How do companies navigate the inevitable customer success team challenges?

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Old way, new way workplace change

6 tips to managing change in the workplace proactively

3 min read

Change isn’t easy. Help your employees peacefully transition with these tips.

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