User Operations Specialist Tier 1

This training program has been created as a foundation to the User Operations Specialist Tier 1 position. As a Tier 1 specialist you will learn the technical intricacies of the systems used daily by their colleagues, clients, and partners. From this lens, you will learn how to engage with customers, navigate systems, and problem solve issues that arise from the client and/or partner point of view. Ultimately, this training program aims to equip a Tier 1 specialists with the skillsets to serve our clients, partners, and fellow PIoneers, and provide them with the basic language, concepts, insights, and tools to resolve issues.

20 Courses
24 hours 35 minutes completion time

What you'll learn

  • Communicate with co-workers via slack
  • Obtain information and resources to assist clients, partners, and fellow PIoneers with software and Force BC related needs.
  • Provide Outstanding Customer Service
  • Navigate Salesforce and troubleshoot client and partner accounts
  • Provide partners and clients guidance on how to fully implement Talent Optimization into their organization
  • Leverage the database to solve problems
  • Register prospects, build quotes, close deals, create workshops, review financial reports in Force BC
  • Understand the financial process for both partners and clients
  • Define data privacy as it relates to PI
  • Create SSAT/ISAT projects