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The employer-employee dynamic has flipped, and maybe for good. If you’re a hiring manager or business leader, you’ve probably seen it firsthand. Good candidates are scarce, whether because they left jobs during the Great Resignation in no hurry to return, or simply because they know the leverage they possess. Many highly skilled candidates are fielding multiple interviews at a time, hoping to parlay the competition into a best-possible offer. Your interview process needs to stand out. You need to be efficient and impressive - for the sake of both the interviewers and the in-demand interviewees.

This course will help you improve on a few of the critical skills needed to make good hires.

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What you'll learn

  • How to hire for a culture fit at your company - so employees feel more engaged and you decrease turnover
  • Tips to narrow down qualified candidates by using behavioral data and industry best practices on hiring so you can make the right hire.
  • Best practices for building a diverse workforce that utilizes the powerful skills and unique perspectives from all backgrounds and demographics
  • How to build an effective onboarding program once you've made that hiring decision


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Hiring the right talent
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Hiring is a vital strategy that you need to get right–or it could cost you. Can you say, with confidence, that every hire you’ve made has been a perfect fit for the job? More often than not, the answer to that question is “no.” Don’t worry if you’re part of the majority. The good news is this video course will help you narrow down qualified candidates by using behavioral data and industry best practices on hiring so you can make the right hire.
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How to hire for culture fit
10 minutes Completion Time
Fit matters for the role or the team, and for the company culture. There’s a bottom-line impact in hiring for culture fit. Culture drives engagement and turnover. When employees feel connected to your company culture, they’re more engaged and less likely to quit.
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How to build a diverse workforce
10 minutes Completion Time
There are enormous benefits to having a wider range of perspectives, but it’s not always easy build and foster a diverse and inclusive environment. An individual’s perspective may be shaped by their race, gender, age, and culture—or any other number of factors. Hiring people with a wide range of life experiences will only bolster your workforce.

Companies must cater to the myriad individuals that form their talent pool and customer base—and do so effectively and thoughtfully. If not, these businesses can expect to be outperformed by their more diverse counterparts.
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How to build a successful employee onboarding program
15 minutes Completion Time
Once you find that right fit for the role, you'll want to make sure that they are set up for success. Creating an onboarding program can not only push employees in the right direction but also gives you a chance to show new hires what your company stands for. This course will cover why onboarding programs are a vital part to your hiring process and strategies to help you build one out.
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