How to build high-performing teams

3 Lessons 10 minutes completion time

What you'll learn:

How to execute your team strategy effectively by creating self-awareness among team members and strategies to manage their relationships.

Managing team relationships

Each person has their own preferences and drives. Without an understanding of these differences, a team will never be able to maximize their efforts. The Relationship Guide can be a helpful tool for other awareness. Using it, you can look at how to work best with others on the team, or review strengths, cautions, and tips for the relationship between two employees on your team.

Use this behavioral awareness to help employees better understand each other and how to work best together. Have them compare behavioral similarities and differences, then consider how they can leverage their strengths and avoid potential areas of conflict.

As a manager, use knowledge of behavioral drives to establish goals for each team member. Consider what will be a stretch for them, and how their strengths can best support the team. Tailor your advice based on how each employee takes action and deals with risk.  

Management Strategy Guide Walkthrough

Not sure how to start? Check out the PI Management Strategy Guide.

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