Transcript: Introduction to hiring talent

The most important asset in any organization, no matter the industry, is people. This is why finding the right talent is vital to success. Unfortunately, this is harder than most would think. If you’ve had hiring issues in the past, you’re not alone. Many executives also agree finding the right workers for the job is a daunting task, and for many reasons. Perhaps you’re not attracting the right people because your candidate pipeline isn’t large enough? Maybe you’ve got the right people in this pool but just don’t know how to narrow it down and select the right candidate? Regardless of the reason, you know hiring smart is important because bad hires can cost you thousands, if not millions, depending on the size of your company.

That’s why we’ve designed this course: to help you understand the strategies you can follow to hire the right talent. This video series will cover how to make sure you’re recruiting the right candidates, how to determine which ones are the best match for the job, and how to make that final decision.

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