Transcript: Person page overview

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When reviewing an assessment taker’s person page, there are a number of options you have at your disposal. At the top you will see their reference profile and some basic information. You can edit this by clicking on the pencil icon next to their name and updating their name, email, whether they are a candidate or employee, associate a job to this assessment taker and the folder that this assessment taker is stored in.

Scrolling down, the main portion of the page will display their behavioral pattern. Here you can perform actions like comparing their pattern to the job target they are associated with, downloading a PDF copy of their full pattern to your device, or getting a full view of their behavioral pattern. This full view, includes not only the self, but also the self-concept and the aggregate of those two patterns known as the synthesis.

For more information on the assessment taker’s pattern, expand the pattern insights section to get a high-level overview of this person’s behavioral pattern. Here you can learn what each behavioral factor represents for this individual and how their factors interact with one another.

If cognitive access is enabled and this assessment taker has taken the cognitive assessment, you’ll see their cognitive score by expanding the Cognitive section. You will also be able to compare this individual’s cognitive score to the score your organization feels is needed to perform the job successfully using the Compare to job toggle.

In the Assessment Details section, you’ll get additional details on both the behavioral and cognitive assessments, such as the date and ID of these assessments.

Scrolling back up to the top of the screen you have the Person and Team Tools section which will house the many snapshots, placards, and charts to better understand not only this assessment taker but how they will interact with others. Simply click on the report you want to run such as the behavioral report and you will be directed to the report page for this individual. If you want more information on each tool, click on the ‘Learn how to use these tools’ toggle, and an image of the many reports will display. Hover your mouse over each for a tooltip on what the report does and quick access to run the report.

If you would like to generate multiple reports for an individual, simply navigate to the “Create a Report Kit” button in the upper right. Here, you can generate up to six unique PDF reports for a single employee at once. Select the checkboxes for each report you’d like to generate and then click the Email Kit button. You can choose to email these reports to yourself, to the assessment taker, or to additional email addresses. Review the subject and message and edit if desired. Once finished, click the Email Report button and an email will be sent with all selected reports.

The last section to cover is the purple bar above the pattern overview. Here you can add additional assessment takers. Once more than one assessment taker is added, the ‘view a group report’ dropdown will appear. Clicking on the dropdown will allow you to run group reports quickly with the assessment takers listed such as the relationship guide between these two individuals.

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