Using Top Performers in PI Hire

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The Top Performers feature gives you another tool to select the right candidate for a role. You can use the behavioral pattern of one of your best employees to create the Job Target for any new job.

This feature integrates with the rest of your candidate data, so you may enhance your understanding of the behavioral target.

How to enable Top Performers

1. Select the job you’d like to add a Top Performer to. 

2. On the left-hand side, select Model after a top performer. 

3. Enter the first name, last name, and email address of the employee whose behavioral pattern you want to use for this new benchmark. Currently, you can only choose one top performer at your organization.

Top Performer can be applied to external parties/emails.

If your Top Performer has already completed the PI Behavioral Assessment™, they can submit their Behavioral Score ID (BSID) in lieu of taking it again. The BSID can be found at the bottom of the Full Pattern, under Synthesis. 

4. Select Send Assessment. The person you selected will receive an email with a link to take the assessment.  

5. While you are awaiting the results of your selected Top Performer’s BA, the Job Target page will show as pending completion. 

6. You will receive an email as soon as they’ve completed the assessment.

Applying Top Performer BA results

1. Once you receive the email notifying you that your Top Performer has completed their BA, return to the software, their data will be filled in within the “pending” section. 

2. Use the “Show full descriptions” tool to view their results in greater detail.

3. You can now choose whether to set the target using the recommendation in the software or by using the Top Performer’s target. In both instances, you’ll see the target, Key Characteristics, and Common Reference Profiles. 

4. The recommended target can be refined, but the Top Performer’s target cannot. 

5. Choose which target you’d like to move forward with by selecting the Set as Job Target button.

6. The orange arrow on the left, under Benchmarks, will show which source is being used for the target. You can switch between the system-generated target and your Top Performer any time and as often as you’d like. 

7. Once you’ve chosen which target you’d like to move forward with, click Let’s Continue at the bottom of the page. 

8. Once applied, the new benchmark information based on your Top Performer’s results will include this reminder, which will be visible to all users: “We generated this Behavioral Target using [Top Performer’s] results. Keep your team dynamics in mind—your team might benefit most from someone who can balance and complement [Top Performer’s] behaviors.”

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