emineo HR Consulting, LLC

Certified Partner

Talent, Organizational Design, and Performance Management supporting small business, non-profits & start-ups.

Channeling the Latin Verb “to be remarkable”, I deliver results for organizations. I do it by optimizing & aligning their innate leadership, team and individual talent to their business strategy. everyday. **period**.

Keeping a vision to enable remarkable human-centered transformations, I start with analyzing individual contributors and build from there. Along the way, I provide crucial information to excavate and uncover challenges, streamline passions, build relationships, and remove roadblocks to allow room for success.

Using best-in-class tools, I ultimately connect your people to your business strategy. My goal is simple. Strengthen and showcase how much your teams are able to achieve…the results may shock you!

Want to improve your ability to deliver results to your client? How about remove the talent challenges that hold you back from achieving your current goals?

Our science based, action-oriented plan can adequately support your future business strategy, and provide both flexible and maximized growth options. Work with us – to lead your team, your organization, or your industry.

Team Leaders

Rob Lockard, SPHR, SCP

Rob Lockard, SPHR, SCP

Chief Talent Optimizer & CEO

A certified Talent Optimization Consultant, Rob can be defined by many things. Gallup (CliftonStrengths) defines his strengths as: Winning Others Over (or W.O.O.), Communication, Empathy, Positivity and Strategic Vision. Added to over 17 years of business and HR experience and numerous certifications, he has used his special mix of skills to analyze and assess work environments, apply triage when needed, and build long lasting human-focused structures. This mix has consistently helped organizations operate better, invigorate their teams, excavate the unspoken, and achieve remarkable results.

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