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About INsight Consulting, Inc.

INsight Consulting, Inc. is a Talent Optimization Training and Consulting Organization

INsight Consulting, Inc. is a Certified Predictive Index Partner. We assist clients in hiring the right talent, aligning the talent to their managers and teams to drive productivity and engagement. Jill Berg, Consultant, is a Master Trainer in the Predictive Index and a
Certified Talent Optimization Consultant. Service offerings include: Predictive Index Product Training, Leadership Development, Sales Training, Customer Service and Individual Coaching.

Team Leaders

Jill Berg

Jill Berg


Jill Berg is the Franchise Owner/President of Spherion Staffing in North Dakota, South Dakota and West-Central, Minnesota. Spherion is a recruiting and staffing leader, supplying temporary, temp-to-hire, permanent placement and outsourced personnel to client companies.

Jill has a B.A. in General Studies with an Emphasis in Psychology and English from Ambassador University in Pasadena, California.

Jill delivers over 25 years of business entrepreneurship, staff development, sales and financial business management. In addition to her recruiting and staffing expertise, Jill consults and trains with clients on workforce development and human resource strategies across the country. She is a Consultant with the Predictive Index and sells and trains on the Predictive Index® (PI®) assessment system.
She has received numerous recognition awards for both operational and sales excellence from Spherion Corporation including the 2015 Franchise Owner of the Year and the Special Achievement Award in 2016. Jill is Past President of the national Spherion Franchise Advisory Board and has served numerous terms as a Regional Director. She serves on the Executive Committee of the North Dakota State Chamber and the American Red Cross – Minnesota and Dakotas Region.

John Funk

John Funk


John has been a Certified Analyst in Predictive Index for 20+ years. He became a PI Consultant in 2010.
John has worked for Spherion Staffing for over 20 years and is a Franchise Owner and the Chief Operating Officer. During this time he has been involved in supplying customers with high level service solutions in temporary, direct hire and project management services. Responsibilities include hiring staff, training and managing the order fulfillment process. John has a strong knowledge base of several industries including: manufacturing, warehousing, logistics and information technology.
John is a graduate of the University of North Dakota in 1987 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management.

"Our quality of people has improved, and in addition we have placed them much better (we have greatly reduced our inclination to pound square pegs into round holes), strengthening performance and teams. We have seen this improvement most dramatically in our sales force where we have increased drive and performance, inside sales customer service where we have improved customer experience, and with technicians where we have reduced drama and improved productivity."

John Kimball - CEO
Kimball Equipment

"The Predictive Index has been helpful as part of the hiring process. By creating job profiles, we have found job matches for candidates and noticed these matched new hires have stayed with the company for a longer period of time."

Kristin Gille - Talent Partner
Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Dakota

"We use the Predictive Index to determine which reference profiles make the most successful Advisors. Matching the ideal job profile to the right candidate has contributed to our success. During a recent reorganization, we used the Predictive Index to build out the Advisor teams. We used the Team Discovery to help us understand the Team Type and how the Advisor and Service teams balance one another. The visual was a big eye-opener and confirmed the strategy we need to move forward."

Eric Perkins - Chief of Services
Trilogy Financial

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