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Unlock your team's full potential by aligning business strategy with talent strategy to optimize performance.

As global solution-providers, we understand the complexities of today’s workforce, unique leadership styles, and how to create a more effective and productive work environment. We solve problems by partnering with you to deeply understand your organization and create customized solutions to meet your unique needs. As a result, your workforce will be in a better position to increase their effectiveness and productivity so they can do their best work.

Team Leaders

Lisa Foster

Lisa Foster


Lisa Foster, founder of Mindful Transformations, gained deep experience in leadership development working in Fortune 100 companies. She has led executive recruiting, created transformational programs that ranged from competency-based assessments and its talent management implications, and the required modifications of supporting workflows. In addition to her work in leadership development, Lisa has extensive experience creating a customized curriculum and the facilitation of unique programs.

Lisa is a humble yet highly gifted at coaching clients in professional or personal settings. She has a positive outlook on every situation which helps her clients achieve their potential. She uses her extensive, professional experience and analytical mindset to help guide her clients in the direction they desire. Lisa also works selflessly by putting her clients first and ensures the client's objectives are met.

Elizabeth M

We received great feedback from the workshop. We would LOVE to have you back for another program!!! And thank you again for doing this for us. We love to partner with local professionals and it is even better when they are awesome people to work with as well!!!

Melissa M - Director