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About OuterLight Advisory Services

Better teams. Better culture. Better results.

OuterLight helps you build better teams who build better culture and deliver better results by working with you in three ways:

– Projecting Purpose. Clarifying and communicating your mission, vision, and values in a way that inspires the heads, hearts, and hands of your people to pursue meaningful growth.

– Engaging Talent. Leveraging proven science and people data to better understand each person, addressing the key areas of job fit, team dynamics, manager, impact, and culture fit. Self-awareness is the key that unlocks personal growth and loyalty in the workplace.

– Recognizing Results. Creating a remarkable recognition program that rewards your people for accomplishing the work that matters most and celebrates important milestones.

We also offer Executive mentoring and Workforce Solutions consulting services.

Team Leaders

Joe Leaser

Joe Leaser


With nearly three decades of progressive sales and operations leadership experience building game-changing teams, delivering meaningful growth, and influencing organizations of all shapes and sizes, OuterLight Advisory Services is uniquely positioned to help you design and implement the connected, engaged workplace culture you and your people deserve. Life rewards those who initiate.

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