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Helping leaders build cohesive, engaged and high performing teams.

At Tend, we believe all great leaders realize the #1 predictor of success is how well their individual people can work together as one cohesive team. The problem? Getting everyone working together is harder and slower than ever before. We’re here to change that. At Tend, we help leaders build the cohesive, engaged and high performing teams that we all want to be a part of, but we don’t use the typical methods. Instead we introduce and teach a revolutionary new way to care for your team that’s faster, more inspiring, better integrated than anything else on the market. Great teams don’t happen by accident. Let us help YOU to TendYours.

Team Leaders

Aaron Andrade

Aaron Andrade


Aaron has 20 years of experience building highly effective teams across Non-Profit, For-Profit and Government sectors in the Boston metro area.

Aaron's coaching and team building strategies have received recognition in leading companies like The Boston Globe, Year Up and The U.S. Army where he was awarded a bronze star for his service in Iraq.

His work has consistently led to increases in employee's job satisfaction, higher retention rates and higher customer satisfaction.

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