TSOR Group

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About TSOR Group

We build high-performance teams in high-production environments like transportation, manufacturing, and construction.

TSOR’s proprietary process has been proven in the most difficult environments to eliminate communication siloes, create team cohesion, improve EBITDA, and drive excellence.

Together, let’s rise above.

Team Leaders

Ryan Molinaro

Ryan Molinaro

Co-founder & CEO


James Cheng

James Cheng

Co-founder & President


Garrett Laudenback

Garrett Laudenback

Head of Client Operations

Helping leaders in high-production environments develop high-performance teams so they can deliver business results without sacrificing health and family.

I highly recommend Ryan Molinaro and TSOR Group. It has been my pleasure to engage him on multiple occasions. Ryan is honest, hard-working, and extremely dedicated to everything he does. Integrity is not just a phrase for Ryan, it is his brand. I can think of no one who is better prepared to handle any complex responsibilities.

Justin DeJoseph - President & CEO
Garden State Home Loans, Inc.

TSOR Group really understood our needs, even better than we did. We have complete trust in their character and integrity, and the way they executed on our vision went above and beyond our expectations. We look forward to many more years of collaboration.

Jessica Muto - Chief Financial Officer
Submission Fishing

Garrett and Ryan helped us gain a clear vision for the culture of the organization, and they cultivated it by helping us foster genuine relationships. They demonstrated care and empathy throughout the work they did and gained credibility through their consistent actions. They effectively improved our internal teamwork and customer partnerships.

Dana Conrad - Operations Supervisor
Toyota Logistics Services