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We help leaders unlock their growth capacity through smarter, data-driven people and revenue strategies.

Velocity Strategy Solutions is a management and strategy consulting firm dedicated to the discipline of growth architecture. We unlock your latent growth capacity, so you have an unfair advantage to succeed and win more. We do that with tech-enabled, data-driven solutions that deliver smarter people and revenue strategies.

We are futurists, disruptors, and business strategists. As a result, we have a passion for technology, data, and revenue growth. Therefore, we bring a relentless focus on financial success. Further, using a data-driven approach, clients enjoy comprehensive solutions that align people and revenue strategies for maximum growth. 

It’s not just about hitting the right goals once; it’s also about empowering teams and enabling organizations to meet and exceed their goals again and again. To do that you have to have the right people, organized around the right projects, and pushing toward the right outcomes. When those variables are working for you, the possibilities are limitless.

Team Leaders

Ben Stroup

Ben Stroup


BEN STROUP is Chief Growth Architect and President at Velocity Strategy Solutions where helps leaders design, develop, and deploy data-driven business growth strategies. Ben is a futurist, disruptor, and data champion. As a growth architect for business, Ben leads a team that takes a data-driven approach to business management consulting, which allows them to assist leaders in bridging the gap between ideas, innovation, and revenue—taking ideas from mind to market.

Ben is a brilliant strategic and thought leader. But more than that, Ben also has an amazing track record of being a successful practitioner with remarkable results leading teams and organizations to overachieve their goals.

Stan Reiff, Sr CPA, CGMA - Partner and Consulting Practice Group Lead
CapinCrouse, LLP

Ben has mentored, guided, educated and encouraged me during a very stressful and exciting phase of my startup. He quickly defined and eloquently articulated what we do as a company in our first 30-minute phone call, better than anyone has in over two years. He willingly invested his creative and personal energy to encourage growth for my startup. I highly recommend Ben for his creative thinking, marketing strategy, consulting and mentoring. He’s a spectacular and brilliant human being.

Kristin Gracin-Shrimpton - Founder

I do not say something like this very often ... I LOVE working with Ben Stroup! Ben is very knowledgeable about business in general and has extensive experience in strategy, marketing, metrics, and process management. Knowing is important, but knowing and being able to articulate it so that it is understandable by everyone is priceless. If you need someone to help you take your business to the next level, I highly recommend Ben Stroup. Give him a call.

Jeff Hook - Founder and CEO
Communitas Technologies

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