February 2024

Inspire, Platform

  • Customize BA Template: We added more admin functionality to the platform! Users can now customize Behavioral Assessments email templates. This will allow users to tailor the message when sending out assessments.
  • Disable User Access: Now users have the ability to disable access for employees who are software users.
  • Relationship Guide: Users now have the ability to look at a relationship between two people to view the relationship traits, cautions and tips!

January 2024


  • More admin power and bulk actions now live in 2.0 software!
    • Now have even more administrative power to perform requested tasks such as ability for consent and assessment expiration.
    • We also streamlining admin functionality by allowing bulk actions (like send assessment, send invitations and transfer of ownership) for employees under the People tab, including access settings and sending assessments will be available.

December 2023

Inspire, Platform

  • Exciting updates for account admins!
    • Org Upload: Streamline admin functionality by performing bulk org upload, and see employee data and access settings, all from one location in the Administration section
    • Transfer of Objects: Now users have even more administrative power over the account when an employee is no longer with the company or their access needs to be changed. Users who are the item owners, and/or Admins, will now be able to transfer ownership through the share panel.
  • Self Concept now in Inspire! Self Concept allows users to examine their behavioral pattern about a current situation over time and in different situations to best adapt and grow.