Identify business problems and take action.

Do you struggle with employee disengagement, underperformance, or lack of effort? These challenges impact your bottom line.

Talent optimization certifications provide you with a framework and the knowledge to get the most out of your people. With a talent optimization certification in hand, you’re ready to elevate your people strategy by aligning it to your business strategy.

Talent optimization certifications

The PI Talent Optimization Leader certification and the PI Talent Optimization Consultant certification demonstrate your deep understanding of the talent optimization discipline including:

  • Measuring, analyzing, and acting on data to identify and solve the root cause of business problems
  • Creating and continuously growing a people strategy
  • Utilizing people data to hire high-performing talent and build world-class teams
  • Applying best practices to improve how people work together

Powered by the Ultimate Guide to Talent Optimization

Talent optimization certifications are based on the Ultimate Guide to Talent Optimization. The guide is your one-stop destination to prepare for certification.

Talent Optimization Certifications

Elevate your people strategy

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