Hire with certainty.

Thousands of companies use PI to select the best hires.
Again and again.

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Hiring accuracy starts with
your candidates and our data.

Recruiters and HR leaders use PI to select the best.
Every time.

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Three easy steps to hiring the right person for the right role:

So your new hires onboard faster, perform better, and stay longer.


Create a behavioral target for an open role.

Enter a few job details and we’ll give you the ideal behavioral profile based on decades of science and millions of data points.


Assess candidates to see how they stack up.

Invite your candidates to take the PI Behavioral Assessment to understand what drives them and how they work.


Zero in on your best-fit candidates.

Unlock candidate-to-job insights and customized interview questions to power up your hiring process.

The most comprehensive, data-driven
hiring software on the market. Period.

Imagine if your ATS sorted candidates based on the highest chance of job success. PI Hire does that, and so much more.


Identify the ideal candidate
with our millions of data points.

Copy and paste your job description to create an ideal behavioral target and align your hiring team around it.


See the best fits rise to the top
without lifting a finger.

Don’t waste another minute on phone screens. PI Hire automatically sorts candidates based on the highest predictors of job performance – so you pass only the best candidates to your hiring managers.


Know you’re making the best hiring decision.

Get insights on candidate-job fit so you can make a choice with total confidence.


De-risk your interview process
and cut out bias.

Automatically generate interview questions that probe the unique gaps between the candidate and the job requirements. Yes, really.


Build a candidate experience they’ll tell their friends about.

Don’t lose another standout candidate to the competition, or worse—delays or misalignment in the process. Wow candidates with a streamlined process that makes your hiring team look like rockstars.

The risk of the unknown is almost completely eliminated. PI Hire gives clear insight, allowing for purposeful, strategic decisions in about 6 minutes to assess.

Andy Parkins | CEO, Six Factor

If any of this sounds familiar, you need PI Hire.

  • I don’t know who to target in the applicant sourcing process.
  • I experience misalignment on the hiring team around who we’re looking for.
  • I don’t have data to tell me the type of candidate who will perform the best.
  • I’m not able to sort our candidates by who will perform best in the role.
  • I’m stuck on wasted phone screens or spending time with the wrong candidates.
  • I’m not moving candidates through the process efficiently.
  • I don’t consistently hire the right person for our culture.
  • I don’t know how fast a candidate will be able to ramp up.
  • I don’t know if a candidate will fit the role and stay for the long term.
  • I don’t know how a candidate will mesh with the existing team.
  • I don’t have scientifically-valid data to rely on during the hiring process.
  • Our hiring teams  don’t follow a standard hiring process
  • Our hiring teams don’t know how to interview — or just hire the person they like personally.
  • I’m not able to auto-generate interview questions that probe the candidate’s fit to the role.
  • I’m losing great candidates due to competition or a lengthy hiring process.
  • I’m missing out on great candidates because of misalignment later in the process.

Hire with certainty.
Hire with PI.

The future of hiring is here. The most data-driven
tool on the market is now free to try.

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